Monday, June 15, 2009

Global Warming?

I thought today was June 15th. In fact, I just checked both my calendar and the front page of the newspaper to make sure I was correct. Yes, it is definitely June 15th.

So why is my deck covered with hail making it look like January 15th?We were in the middle of a very heavy thunderstorm this afternoon when suddenly it sounded as if the hammers of Hell were beating on our roof. Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw everything covered with what looked like snow but was actually hail. The street in front of my house looked like a river.

Wow, what wacky weird weather. How's that for alliteration?
The pieces of hail were huge. Too bad these aren't diamonds!

I'm wondering if NJ is going to be visited by the other 9 plagues this summer.

Amazingly, the weather has cleared up and the birds are back in their trees chirping away so all is well with the world except for the fact that the flowers on the deck may have been destroyed.

While I have your attention, in case you haven't heard, there is an auction currently taking place online. During the past year, over 100 artists collaborated in the making of an art doll which is almost life sized. By buying tickets for a chance to win this doll, you are supporting research for Ovarian Cancer. There is a button on the right side of this blog. When you click it, you'll be taken to the Ties That Bind website where you can learn about this project and how to purchase tickets. This is one small way that we can all make a difference!


  1. Wholley Smollies that is crazy weather and here I thought we were havng some weird summer weather, yours takes the cake! LOL

    Thanks for mentioning the Art Doll Raffle :-))

  2. Great photos. Hope the plants are OK. Watch out for frogs and locusts.


  3. Wow! Hope you didn't have any damage to your house or cars. I'm glad you were inside. That size could give you a terrible headache. Did you put some in the freezer?

  4. My, that looks like quite a mess. Thanks for spreading the word on the Ties That Bind project.


  5. That hail was definitely whacky for June!
    I'm going to pop over to the Ties that Bind website now. Thanks for telling about it.

  6. Amazing photos of the NJ hail! Who knew it could do that in June?! The last time we got hail here in Alabama, several family members' cars were dented - I haven't checked mine yet because I just don't want to know about it!