Saturday, January 3, 2009

One person's junk is another person's Junque

I am sure that anyone who lives in NJ will agree with me that living in NJ has its drawbacks. High taxes, massive traffic jams, toxic air, organized crime (think The Sorpanos), disorganized crime, and, of course, ever-present corrupt politics.

However, NJ has two things going for it which makes living here worthwhile. First, we have fabulous pizza. Second, we have great garage sales. Not every garage sale is a winner, but at least twice a season I hit the mother load of junque. It's like finding the mixed-media artist's Holy Grail.

Many people who live in my area have lived here for 50 plus years and have certainly accumulated their fare share of stuff. Now they're moving on to retirement communities or moving up (hopefully) to their final resting place. So what does their family do with their accumulated stuff? Why have a garage sale.

Last Fall, I saw an ad for a garage sale which advertised that they were selling the contents of a dressmaker's estate. You can imagine how my heart skipped a beat just thinking about the potential for finding buttons, fabric, notions and who knows what else.

I could barely contain my excitement. I was up bright and early the day of the sale and set out with the same feeling of anticipation that children have on the morning of their birthday.

I'm fairly selective since I have quite a large stash of fabric and sewing notions. No polyester for me! Even so, I was mentally calculating that I had amassed about $75 worth of Junque. Imagine my delight when the woman running the sale asked for $30. I think that many times the family running the garage sale just want to get rid of everything. This was obviously the case in this instance.

Now aren't you just dying to see what I got for my $30?


OK, let's see, we have buttons, tape measures, crochet thread, a display box, rick rack, and some great picture hooks.


Kitschy 1950's magnets, key chains (does anyone know any postal workers?) yellow fringe and lapel pins.


Tiny appliqued flower, buttons to cover with fabric and beads.

Four afghans and a beautiful hand quilted quilt. More about why I'm buying afghans on another day.

Fabric galore.

Even more fabric.

I hope you'll agree that this is quite a haul for $30. Now who wants to move to NJ? I know of a few beautiful houses in my neighborhood which are for sale.


  1. Can I come shop with you??? You are OBVIOUSLY the Queen of Treasure Finders!

  2. What a fantastic haul!! I would LOVE to come to NJ and shop with you! I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the photos and I am SO HAPPY that you're a bonafide blogger now! Great job! And I look forward to future posts!

  3. ~*LUCKY FINDS!!!*~
    I LOVE the floral appliques and stars you got!


  4. WOW!!!
    I am SO sorry that I was not a lover of junque when I lived there! I cannot tell you how many things I have passed over and now NEED them, lol! Gina

  5. talk about an verification word was ableless :)