Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Continuing Saga of the Intrepid Curtain Embellisher

Allow me to continue to amuse and amaze you with my adventures embellishing the plain white curtain (see blog post dated January 6, 2009 ).

But, before I do this, I would like to go on record as having developed a new art craze.
I am sure you are quite familiar with the world of mixed-media and altered art. One month, everyone is altering cigar boxes and everywhere you turn, there are articles and posts showcasing these charming, altered boxes. Three months later, we're all decorating corsets. You can't turn around without being hit in the head with a corset (perish the thought). And so it goes, from altered books to embellished sneakers.

But, have you ever seen anyone alter a curtain? I'll bet not. I know I'm on the cutting edge of a new trend. Remember, you saw it first here. Before long, I'm sure there will be articles in Somerset and Cloth, Paper, Scissors on how to alter plain white curtains. Workshops will be held at various venues on how to embellish the plain white curtain. Before you know it, many people will claim to have created this art form. But I will have the satisfaction of knowing that it all started with me. LOL

I digress. Back to the saga of the now blue sun printed curtain. As I mentioned, I was still not particularly thrilled with the results of my day's labor of love (or maybe that should read my day's frustration).

I proceeded to spend the next day, working on the curtain. You may have heard the saying, "less is more." Well, my saying is "more is never enough." With this in mind, I set about to try to salvage my project.

The first thing I did was to try to add texture and depth to the curtain by using fabric inkpads and a brayer wrapped with rubber bands.

I was totally unimpressed with this step. Next, I tried using rubber stamps. After using both bold stamps and alphabet stamps, I began to like my results.

Feeling encouraged, I decided to make some fabric birds and butterflies to add to the curtain.

I found some interesting fibers and attached them to the curtain hoping they looked like branches. Then I pinned the birds and butterflies to the curtain. Here's a close up of the top half of the curtain.

But, standing back, I think that the bottom half of the curtain still looks a little sparse. What do you think? I'm thinking maybe some flowers would be a nice addition.

One of these days, I'll get to it.

However, I'm still very pleased with the way this altered curtain has turned out so far. (Now don't forget that you first read about altered curtains here.)


  1. You are such a trend setter! soon you will have your own aisle at Michael's. I think the curtain looks great, but I look forward to when you post about putting the flowers on the bottom because I know you won't be able to leave them alone.


  2. Oh my! I am experiencing huge, out-loud belly laughs! Your writing style is so fun and refreshing! And Joanne's comment is great! I can see all of us Diva's shopping the JUDY aisle in Michaels!
    I love the transformation of your curtain - the birds and nests and butterflies are perfect! And I agree flowers would work great on the bottom! You've really altered one dull ol' curtain into a work of colorful art!

  3. sign my up for the best class at Art and Soul guru Judy and her curtain altering class...okay should submit pictures of this to Somerset home with thearticle...this is absolutely fabulous! i could see these in my studio..what a great even if not planned technique...and the addition of the fabric birds is brilliant beyond!(which i think should be a tutorial you should include..i want to make a pile...)

    i love it..and i actually like it the way it is..although it does sound like the flowers will come at some point too..and i totally have that same tendency more is never enough..i love that!!

  4. Your curtain is very cool and thanks for the how to. I like your mermaid doll too!

  5. Wonderful Judy, just wonderful. I'm with Angela I think you should submit this curtain and article to a magazine. Maybe cloth,paper,scissors?

  6. What a wonderful creation. You should be very proud. All you hard work and perseverance paid off. It's stunning! I love your birds.

  7. Judy, you are always ahead of the pack! I enjoyed the chronicle of the amazing altered curtain. I think the birds were a stroke of genius.


  8. Dear Ms. Streger: We here at "Copywrites R Us" are sorry to inform you that Curtain Altering was discovered in 323 BC in Macedonia. It quickly became the rage of those in the "better classes" and migrated to the seven continents. At the Chicago World's fair there were two dazzling displays and of them it was written "After studiously attending each and every part of the fair, this author can definitively recommend the Latvian Curtain Altering exhibit as the most sterling and educative stop of the fair. Indeed, it even exceeds the thrill of the new invention, the Ferris Wheel." Shortly thereafter, Sheila Shirkenbaaker copywrited the process and has been collecting her fair share of each curtain altered since. Currently you owe $4.83. Please pay at your earliest convenience. The Management

  9. Judy...I heard on the news that Martha Stewart is having a cow....she was planning a segment on altering curtains and you beat her to it....I think she is going to have "her people contact your people" to work on a settlement....LOL.... I think the additions of the birds and butterflies and textile branches make your curtain sing and flutter. And of course your writing always gives me a smile...keep it up.

  10. You crack me up! Yes, I have been around the block and I'm pretty sure you're on the cutting edge of embellished, stamped, rolled curtains. I, for one, am glad to see something new to strike (pun intended) decorated matchbooks off the top of the heap of crafting trends! Ooh -- I apologize -- that was a very bad mixture of metaphors! Thanks for visiting my blog during OWOH and I hope you come back again soon!

  11. Oh, you are SO a trendsetter! I love this idea. I have a friend that's trying to turn her rented home into a faery bower - I bet she could use this technique to help her with her atmosphere. I'll have to lead her here. I think I can say I have also come up with a well... maybe not new... but at least not typical choice to alter. I want to do a few walls in my house. I just have to get around to it!

  12. You are too funny! Thanks for this amusing post, but the altered curtain is great. I like the fibers with the birds attached. Your curtain is both colorful and whimsical.

  13. How much fun!! I found your blog through Aileen's and am thrilled. I love the EG suggestions - and all this time I thought that EG was invented to sell vacuum cleaners and Valium. Thanks for the ideas, I Can't wait to try them out and ruin (yet another) iron!