Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You Cloth Paper Scissors

Here's a tidbit about me that you may not know. I love to buy magazines. When I get home, I flip through them, get all fired up, plan what I'm going to make after being inspired by an article, and then put the magazine down and promptly forget about my intentions. Can you relate to this?

The November/December 2008 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors had a wonderful cover article about decorating small jars to look like snowmen. I have been dying to try to make some myself but didn't have time until this past weekend. I couldn't get this project out of my mind. Maybe it's because I had 15 perfect jars (bought from a garage sale, of course) just sitting here calling out to me.

I'm part of a group of local artists who meet at my house about once a month. It's a very informal, non-structured group. In fact we don't even have an official name so we're known as the No-Name Art Group. Someone will get an idea and suggest it for our next get together. Then everyone else breaths a sigh of relief knowing that they're off the hook and don't have to come up with a project.

I love having the meetings at my house. I know you must be saying to yourself, "Why that Judy must be crazy. Why would she want to have everyone over? First she has to make sure the house is clean and neat (at least a little bit), then she has to gather the materials needed for the day's project."

To be honest, that's one of the best parts of getting together. I get to share my valuable Junque with people who understand my passion for acquiring. If I were a gourmet cook, I'd have elaborate dinner parties so I could share my cooking skills with friends. So what better way for an inveterate garage sale shopper to spread her joy than by sharing her "stuff."

Howie loves when everyone is here. Deep down in the bottom of his heart I know he's thinking, "Maybe we can get rid of some of this stuff." I'm thinking, "Maybe I can get rid of some of this stuff and make room for some new stuff." After all, garage sale season is rapidly approaching. Also, one more thing, if I had to take "stuff" to a meeting being held somewhere else, I'd need an 18-wheeler!

Saturday's project was to decorate bottles to our hearts content. I was worried that we wouldn't have enough jars for all of us and that we'd run out before the afternoon was over. I kept emailing everyone to bring jars since I had only 15 and we were sure to go through those quickly.

What was I thinking? We each were barely able to finish one bottle in the four hours that we were together. Gosh, it looked and sounded so easy in the magazine article. But we did have a lot of fun.

Here's the finished results. Aren't they fab? (Double left click on picture to enlarge)
Projects from left to right: Elizabeth, Roberta, Judy, Doreen, Jan

So, here's a great big thank you to Cloth Paper Scissors for publishing such an inspiring article that even I was compelled stop procrastinating and start creating.

Today's lessons learned:
1. A play date with friends is always fun whether you're 6 or 60
2. You can never have enough Junque
3. Even the bad habit of "some day I"ll get around to it" can be overcome with the proper inspiration.
4. Just because the magazine article highlighted snowmen jars, it doesn't mean that you, too, have to make snowmen jars. We were all sick of Winter and didn't want to think about snow so we let our muse take us wherever she wanted.
5. Since all the "stuff" is still spread out all over the house, I might as well go and decorate some more bottles.

Post Script: In the middle of writing this, I stopped to eat lunch. We had left-over Chinese food from last night (after all, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year.) We had one fortune cookie left so we shared it (this means that Howie got to open it and I got to eat it.) Guess what it said?
"Begin...the rest is easy." Do you think the Universe is sending me a message?


  1. Oh, the fairies in the bottles are delightful! And so "un-wintery!" BTW, I have those chairs in my house! jood

  2. Oh what fun!! I wish I lived near you so I could come play! I was also inspired and excited about that issue of CPS but unlike you, I am still procrastinating. Good for y'all to "get er dun"! I love your home and I love all of your junque! (Wondering if you have any glue drops or paint smudges on your lovely carpet?!)
    Your fairy jar turned out beautifully!

  3. It was a great day! And yes, play dates are great at 6 or 60!!

  4. I love all of your bottles. They turned out great. Lucky you to have wonderful friends to play with. And look at that pretty carpet,
    oh la la!

  5. How fun, I wish I was there...I did make a couple of these snowmen too, they are fun just time consuming...all of yours are just wonderful!

  6. Beautiful art jars! If I lived closer to you, I would sneak into one of your meetings. I know what a great time you all must have had.


  7. Oh Judy, you never cease to crack me up! Love it and your list of things you learned was right on. Also, I can relate all too well to the thing of looking at a magazine, being so inspired, closing the magazine and it's like the thought and inspiration closed with it.

  8. Wow Judy! Those are beaUtiful!!! 'k... I know what we're gonna do at our next get together. I love, love, LOVE winter and snow, but I also love the springytimey look with the jars you guys made. Sooo very very pretty!

  9. that is so awesome judy! i love your blog and i bet your get togethers are fantastic.

  10. Delightful results! I wish I'd been there. I'm just like you - reading those articles, thinking I'll try that, and then promptly forgetting.

  11. Hi Judy: I'm a magazine nut, too. Nice little bottles. -- Michele

  12. Hey Judy - I just received a wonderful bottle of yours in the mail today. Once I get my lazy self up, I'm going to post a photo of it on my blog. This is what I love about the blogging world. I'm so happy you are enjoying your crane. I will now be enjoying my little bottle of "spring." Thanks so much!

  13. Beautiful jars, Judy --- and what fun it looks like you all had!!

  14. gorgeous jars and whaat fun to have a group meet. i wish i lived near some like minded artist and then we could have a no-name group too!