Saturday, January 3, 2009

True Confession

In an effort to maintain my reputation as an honest and ethical blogger (even if I live in NJ--the land of political corruption and personal mayhem), the following two posts actually appeared in another blog I started several months ago but abandoned. So, if they look familiar, you're not losing your mind.


  1. You are now listed with your new blog address on my blog list of places to visit (yes, I figured out how to do it). I hope you enjoy your new blog home.


  2. Hey, it's not like you live in Illinois? New Jersey corruption comes in a distant second to IL. Like Joanne above, I was able to easily alter my Google Reader and transfer to your new blog. Love the look and hope you will soon post those dolls I adore! jood

  3. Great blog Judy! I'm proud of you for jumping into the pool!